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Cookie Use and Policy

  1. Our aim and why cookies are important

    1. Voucher Hive is operated by Rhema Studio Limited established in 2006 dedicated to providing shoppers with the best deals, discounts, sales and vouchers from leading brands and retailers. We usually but not always earn a small commission when you redeem one of our voucher codes on a retailer website. Our aim is to bring you the best offers from the biggest range of retailers in the UK even though not all offers or vouchers reward us with a commission. In order to get paid our commission a cookie is used to track that the purchase you make on the retailer's website has originated at Voucher Hive.
    2. Voucher Hive uses many different affiliate networks who sit in between us and the retailer website. These networks use cookies to track the sales we refer to the retailer's website and are anonymous meaning that we cannot identify you personally.
  2. What are cookies?

    1. A cookie is a small piece of data stored by a website within a browser (usually Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome) and then subsequently sent back to the same website by the browser. Cookies are a reliable mechanism for websites to remember things that a browser has done there in the past, which can include having clicked particular buttons or visiting specific pages.
    2. Our cookies anonymously track how you use our website so we can continuously improve it, enable some website functionality and provide us with the mechanism to get paid a small commission when you redeem some of our voucher codes and offers. You can find out more about cookies at
  3. Website Analytics & Optimisation

    1. We use Google Analytics to track how you use our website. All the data is anonymous and aggregated meaning that we cannot identify you personally. We use the data to help us improve our website and offer you a more personalised experience. Google Analytics helps us estimate the number of visitors to our site, understand what type browser you are using, if you are using a desktop computer or a mobile device, optimise the speed of the website and recognise when a user returns to our website. We use Website Optimizer to help us test the effectiveness of the changes we make to our website to enable us to continuously improve your shopping experience.
    2. Below we have listed the cookies we use and what they are for:
      1. __utma

        This cookie is generally set when a user first visits the site, and is used to determine the number of unique visitors we receive. A unique ID is set to ensure the visitor count is valid, and to make the cookie accessible as an extra security measure. This cookie expires after 2 years from set or update.

      2. ____utmb

        Used to establish or continue a visitor session on the website. This helps us to see which areas of the site are visited and make sure we deliver the information visitors want where they expect it to be. This cookie expires after 30 minutes from set or update.

      3. ____utmc

        This cookie is used to establish when a visitor leaves the site. This cookie expires when the session is ended (when the visitor exits the browser).

      4. ____utmz

        Used to report where a visitor came from to reach the site. This includes typing the address into a browser, from an email campaign or from search engines, and helps us to understand how our marketing activity is performing. This cookie expires after 6 months from set or update.

      5. ____utmv

        This cookie stores Google Analytics data when used in custom segmentation. This cookie expires after 2 years from set or update.

      6. ____utmx

        Used by Website Optimizer when we are testing different functionality on the site in order for us to see whether changes we make improve the visitor experience or not. This cookie expires after 2 years from set or update.

    3. Turning cookies off or blocking them

      You can block or turn off cookies within your browser settings. We recommend that you do not do this as it may fundamentally impact the functionality of the website and prevent you from using our voucher codes and offers. You can find out how to do this at